Please fill out the following questionnaire and give us a little information about yourself. Let us know of any changes!

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    What are some of your favorite bands, music genres, etc?
    Whats the purpose of the shoot?
    Do you have a location to shoot at?
    What location do you have, or are you thinking of? (indoor, outdoor, nature, bedroom, etc...)
    What are you thinking of for makeup?
    Do you have a makeup artist?
    Do you have sensitive skin?
    How revealing would you like your photos?
    Do you know what 3 outfits you are going to bring?
    If you know your 3 outfits, briefly list them here. If not, what look are you going for?
    What are your favorite features on yourself? What do you love about your body?
    How do you envision your portraits being displayed?
    Do you like Black & White photographs?
    When are you looking to shoot?
    Any additional thoughts or questions?
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